Social Distancing? Recommendations to pass the time

March 18th, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

Social distancing? Working from home? We've got a plethora of recommendations to help you pass the time–mostly for free!


Find out where you can stream a show/movie on Stream/Rent/Buy

Library Options (Apps)
Library card options

  • eBooks: OverDrive (kids/teen sites, too), hoopla (COMICS! See below), RBdigital (some), Freading
  • Comics: hoopla - (Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Image, Titan, Fantagraphics, etc.) Witcher Omnibus, Lock & Key, Star Wars, Parable of the Sower (Butler), Saga, Star Trek, Walking Dead /// Kids: Big Nate, Minecraft, Garfield, Zelda, Percy Jackson, Avatar the Last Airbender
  • eAudio: OverDrive, hoopla, RBdigital
  • Streaming Video: OverDrive, hoopla (For the Love of Spock, Ex Machina, ST movies, Stargate SG-1 movies, Beyond a Year in Space [scott kelly doc],BBC), RBdigital (some offer Acorn), Kanopy (Patrick Stewart’s Macbeth, Dear Mr Watterson, includes Kids options & Criterion Collection titles)
  • Magazines: Flipster, OverDrive, RBdigital
  • Take advantage of some of the free public domain ebook sites:
  • Set a couple of reading goals. Sitting home and wallowing in your quarantine isn’t productive. Read through a series, classic or otherwise.
  • Get into some Jane Austen or look for some of the classic thrillers like Agatha Christie (not all of hers are in public domain, but several are)
  • has a ton of free novellas and short stories, so does Baen (a SF/F publisher)**

Other Free Options
imdbTV, Tubi [] (Minority Report, Relic, Donnie Darko, Memento), Crackle (Gattaca, Close Encounters, Crouching Tiger, Starship Troopers), Pluto

Get Your Nerd On!

  • CrashCourse YouTube Channel
  • Khan Academy
  • Great Courses (video & audio options) -- on OverDrive and hoopla for some libraries
  • Universal Class and


  • Start a book series!
    • Great time to 1st read/reread DUNE
    • Brandon Sanderson: Stormlight 1-3 in time for 4 in November: Rhythm of War
    • Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

Find yourself some Bingeable TV/Film Series


  • The Office
  • Parks & Rec
  • Derry Girls
  • Cheers
  • New Girl
  • The IT Crowd
  • That 70s Show
  • Star Trek
  • The West Wing
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Supernatural
  • Breaking Bad
  • Longmire
  • Person of Interest
  • Broadchurch
  • The Big Family Cooking Showdown
  • Ugly Delicious
  • Queer Eye


  • Top Chef
  • Fargo
  • Justified
  • It’s Always Sunny


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Classic Disney Animation: DuckTales, Chip & Dale, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Gummi Bears
  • The Rescuers & Rescuers Down Under
  • The Love Bug movies
  • The Muppet Movie
  • The Witch Mountain Movie
  • X-Men The Animated Series
  • Boy Meets World
  • Gargoyles
  • Gravity Falls
  • Brain Games
  • Shop Class
  • Frozen 2
  • The. Whole. Vault.


  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Hellier
  • Grand Tour
  • Newsroom
  • Honey Boy
  • Downton Abbey
  • Good Omens
  • Stargate SG-1 (the movie’s on Hulu)
  • Jane Austen Miniseries
  • The Boys
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • The Expanse
  • Troop Zero (delightful, adorable, yes)

Fringe: all 5 seasons on imdbTV

Board Games

  • Harry Potter Clue
  • Ice Cool
  • Operation Escape Room


  • Super Mega Mini Party

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